Here is a link to my you tube channel (Clutch Caro)

This is the introductory video describing calorie density and general principles:

In this next video, I show pictures with 100 Calories of food, demonstrating the concept of calorie density visually:

In this next video, I easily consume 1000 Calories in macadamia nuts in 4 minutes.


140g untoasted/unsalted macadamia nuts X 7.18 Calories/g

last meal: 5 hours prior to shooting video

tastiness of nuts: very high

side effects: dry mouth

Various research articles claim that nut consumption does not promote weight gain [which may be the case]. However, I clearly demonstrate that I can consume large amounts of calories from nuts in minimal time with minimal satiety.

H, I attempt [unsuccessfully] to consume 1000 Calories worth of blueberries. This is very difficult given the massive volume of food because blueberries are relatively low in calorie density.

grams of blueberries consumed: 799 (out of 1818)

Calorie density of blueberries: 0.55 Cal/gram
Calories consumed: 439.45 (out of 1000)

total time: 4 minutes, 41 seconds

satiety: full

tastiness of blueberries: medium to high

last meal: 5 hours prior to shoot

In the next video, I discuss the failures of the slim fast diet plan: